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Apply for the Student Cabinet Today!

Kirsten is inviting North Dakota students to apply for her Student Cabinet. The Cabinet is a group that offers the Superintendent ideas and advice about how the state’s education system can be improved.

Students from public and private schools in grades four through 12 are encouraged to seek a Cabinet position. The application form is posted on the Department of Public Instruction’s website. Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 6.

“Having the honor to serve on the State Superintendent’s Student Cabinet has allowed me to give the students in North Dakota a voice that is heard,” said Cole Garman, a member of the Cabinet since 2015. “Together we’ve made a real difference. I’m grateful for my time on the Cabinet and the numerous doors that have been opened to me as a result.”

Baesler founded the Student Cabinet in April 2015. Members are appointed to serve for 18 months. Applications are ranked by an evaluation team outside of the superintendent’s office. The newly selected students will be the third Cabinet in the history of the initiative.

“This is an opportunity for me to gather young people from across the state and hear their ideas about what is working in our schools in North Dakota, that we should keep doing and keep investing in,” Baesler said. “But I also want to learn about what is not working in our schools, and what we could do better.”

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